Our Mission

At TPS, we’re committed to achieving excellence for our customers in everything we do, which means investing in advanced technology and new capabilities to meet and anticipate your changing needs.  Doing what’s right for our customers is the principle that guides us, and it’s the reason we never back away from a challenge.

TPS has helped us accomplish some major cost optimization goals. They inspire us to do what’s best for our customers while providing significant cost savings.
— Leading Automotive Tier One Buyer

Packaging results We've Achieved Lately

  • We recently provided one of our customers with a 30% expendable savings versus their existing supplier
  • We have begun switching our Customer's current wood pallets to a new custom corrugated pallet
  • We recently improved pack density by 100%, yielding over $1 million in program savings in the first year 
  • We saved over $5 million in packaging spend by switching our customer's program from expendable to returnable
  • We saved our customer nearly 10% by simply implementing JIT system
  • We recently added another warehouse in Mexico