Three Primary Product Offerings


Expendable Packaging

Over 90 percent of all goods in most developed countries are shipped in corrugated boxes. These boxes can be used for everything from apples to washing machines. By changing the design of corrugated boxes, combining layers of corrugated or adding interior packaging, a corrugated box can be manufactured to efficiently ship and store almost any product.  Some of the corrugated needs we currently fulfill include, HSC, RSC, Setup Boxes, Pads/sheets.



Returnable Packaging

TPS offers custom reusable fabric packaging solutions to our clients.  Fabric packaging is form-fitting to unique part contours and offers a high level of part protection to Class A surfaces.  These reusable fabric solutions can be incorporated into hand-held totes, bulk containers, and steel returnable containers for use in work-in-process (WIP), just-in-time (JIT), and logistics operations.

Primary benefits of reusable fabric packaging includes elimination of expendable packaging materials, improved ship densities, enhanced line presentation, and support of JIT/kitting operations.  Custom reusable fabric systems can customize a standard reusable tote or bulk container.


Labels, Custom Films & Poly Bags

At TPS, we have extensive experience in creating durable industrial solutions for our OEM and Tier customers that are specially designed to withstand exposure to water, sunlight, extreme temperatures, multiple chemicals, or even the test of time—throughout the life of the product. This includes ensuring that all safety and operational information is clear and easy to read. We offer a complete array of printing capabilities, on virtually any material you specify.